Digiskilt is a modern solution for administration and management of complex digital signage networks with advanced and unique features.

Digital signage is a modern form of communication with customers in public space. In contrast to posters and banners made of paper or plastic used in the traditional signage, digital signage uses multimedia content displayed on digital screens. Digital signage has been rapidly gaining in popularity recently, in particular for its outstanding flexibility and high cost-effectiveness. The displayed content can be dynamically updated to match the surrounding context such as the time of the day, the schedule of ongoing and upcoming events, or the stock availability of promoted goods. Content updates can be performed from a central location and can be automated, ensuring that only relevant content is being presented. The use of digital technologies allows for reducing or even completely eliminating the recurring costs associated with printing and shipping the traditional posters and banners and is more environmentally friendly.

Key features

Support for commodity screens

Digiskilt is designed to work with screens commonly available in the consumer electronics market. The only requirement is that the screens have at least one HDMI input. It is recommended to select screens with FHD (1920×1080) or 4K UHD (3840×2160) resolution.

Support for commodity digital projectors

Digiskilt can also be used with commonly available digital projectors. Choosing a projector over a screens might be particularly appealing in combination with a self-adhesive rear projection film that transforms any shop window into an attractive multimedia advertising space.

Multimedia content

Digiskilt supports static pictures (JPEG, PNG, WebP), video (MPEG-4, WebM) and web presentations (HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript). Dynamic information from expansion modules or external data sources (such as timetables) can be presented using prebuilt web templates.

Central administration and supervision over the network

Digisikilt allows to manage and control the entire digital signage network from one central location. The central server can be located either inhouse or in any data centre. The system is available from a Web browser and allows to manage the displayed content and to create and edit the schedules.

Hierarchical groups of screens

The individual screens can be organized into hierarchical groups. The structure of the digital signage network can reflect the organization structure of the company. The interface for managing the displayed content and schedules allows assigning user permissions at any level of the hierarchy.

Low energy consumption

The individual screen controllers run on small single-board computers with low acquisition and operating costs and completely silent operation. The annual consumption of a single controller in continuous operation (24×7) is about 30 kWh, that is about € 8.60.


The Institute of Technology and Business in České Budějovice

The Institute of Technology and Business in České Budějovice (ITB) uses a custom software solution based on Digiskilt which was developed in cooperation with the institute's Project and Innovation Centre (PIC). The solution is part of their information system for visitors to the campus and is used to present the activities of the institute and the current operational context (the schedule of ongoing and upcoming events in the individual classrooms or public transport departures from stops around the campus, for instace). The delivery included templates for the content (HTML5, CSS3) in accordance with the visual style of the institute and a mobile application enabling regular visitors to the campus to access the displayed information anywhere and anytime.

The delivered solution allows us to communicate the latest information to our students in a simple and reliable way. Our economic department appreciated the low consumption of the single-board computers which allows for a considerable savings in electricity costs when using a larger number of screens.

Ing. Vojtěch Stehel, managing director of ITB's PIC


The Digiskilt price depends on the extent and mode of its use (such as the duration of the licence or the number of serviced screens) as well as on the complexity of requested customizations (such as expansion modules or integration with existing information systems). The price is determined individually according to the particular needs of a customer. Please contact us to get your individual offer.




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